Hospital Pest Control

Healthcare Facilities Pest Control in FL - Florida Pest Control医疗环境中携带疾病的害虫对弱势患者构成致命风险, frontline workers, 和 visitors who require a safe, hygienic environment, FREE of insects 和 rodents. 佛罗里达虫害控制医疗机构的虫害控制可以帮助解决您的问题,以最安全的可能的方式,使您可以专注于提供高质量的服务,支持患者护理.

Our prevention services were created to give you peace of mind. Our highly trained specialists use the most innovative products, 设备, 以及快速消除害虫的治疗方法,并实施预防性维护计划,以对抗未来的害虫问题.

In healthcare, the spread of disease is a life or death issue. There is no place with a more crucial need to be pest-FREE. With Florida Pest Control, pests are not tolerated at any time, under any circumstances, for any reason. 我们的医院虫害控制服务将帮助您和您的病人安全和快乐.

Common Pest Problems in Healthcare Facilities

病人护理是你最关心的事情,而害虫可能会威胁到这种护理. 佛罗里达虫害控制的害虫预防服务阻止害虫永远把人在您的医疗保健设施的风险. From offices to operating rooms, exterior to interior, 我们的专家具有解决医疗行业中最常见的害虫问题的专业知识. These include:

By focusing on correcting structural, 存储, 和 sanitation issues, 佛罗里达虫害控制显著减少了农药使用的需要,并建立了一个保护屏障,以防止害虫进入您的设施. 当你与佛罗里达虫害控制中心合作解决你的虫害问题时, you can be sure that the health 和 safety of your patients, 员工, 和 guests are safe from pest dangers.

Preventing 蚂蚁 in Hospitals

卫生保健设施中的任何种类的害虫都可能引起关注,但某些种类的害虫 蚂蚁 can be particularly dangerous to humans. 法老crazy 蚂蚁 (也被称为拉斯伯里蚂蚁)可以是一个挑战,以移动和聚集的电力区域, which could cause outages in critical 设备.

有针对性的项目集中在消除任何当前的侵扰和定期服务,以帮助防止未来的蚂蚁问题, 佛罗里达虫害控制中心在这里帮助您保护您的病人和工作人员免受恼人的蚂蚁侵扰

Bird Control in Hospitals

医院建筑往往有平坦的屋顶区域和高耸的建筑物,这些都为鸟类提供了吸引人的聚集和有利位置. These feathered creatures may not seem menacing, 但一只鸟的粪便就能携带和传播60多种疾病. 有 在您的财产周围会对您的病人和工作人员造成严重的健康和安全风险.

佛罗里达虫害控制的综合鸟类管理项目通过一种创新和全面的诱捕方法,安全地解决了讨厌的鸟类问题, 删除, 和 targeted exclusion techniques. In your hospital facility, 我们将检查并缩小屋顶和暖通空调等鸟类可能聚集的区域, 巢, 和栖息.

Hospital Fly Prevention

苍蝇 细菌到处传播,使它们成为最大的疾病携带者. 在医疗机构中出现苍蝇不仅是对患者健康的威胁,而且可能是不卫生做法的信号. 幸运的是,佛罗里达虫害控制中心的医院虫害控制服务可以解决苍蝇的问题.

佛罗里达虫害控制中心的苍蝇清除服务从你的设施外面开始, where large flies breed 和 multiply before making their way inside. A comprehensive fly baiting program targets fly hot spots, such as dumpsters, to kill flies before they have a chance to invade. 内部, 我们将安装适当的昆虫捕光器,并进行残余应用,以确保能够找到进入室内的苍蝇被消灭.

Bed Bug Control for Healthcare Facilities

臭虫 cases across the country have reached disturbingly high levels, 和 no healthcare facility, big or small, 免疫. 佛罗里达虫害控制中心的臭虫控制解决方案可以帮助你监视臭虫的活动,并在第一个迹象的担忧迅速消除感染. We offer a tiered approach for our bed bug services, 让您选择一种保护级别,为您的设施提供适当数量的覆盖.

Keep Cockroaches Out of Hospitals

Cockroaches do not belong anywhere near your healthcare property. 这些害虫经常在污水系统等不卫生的环境中繁殖, 哪一点不利于保持病人的卫生空间. Additionally, cockroaches yield allergens, 和 their droppings can contaminate surfaces 和 food, harming your ability to promote patient health.

佛罗里达虫害控制专家已经准备好处理你的蟑螂问题,把这些害虫赶出你的设施. Reach out to us if you’ve noticed signs of a cockroach infestation.

Healthcare Facilities Pest Control in Florida

保持无虫害和保持清洁的环境是医疗保健设置的唯一选择. Florida Pest Control provides a disinfection service for healthcare facilities to help them deal with the dangers of COVID-19.

如果没有专业人士的帮助,控制医疗大楼内的害虫可能会非常困难. That’s where the exterminators at Florida Pest come in! 重点是在保健设施中利用害虫综合管理, we can ensure you are receiving the safest, most effective pest control possible.

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